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everyone welcome to fiction writing courses I’m doing another video on my chaos epiphany or sociological so I try to get the other essays ready this and also this essay right next to it traveling the stars why traveling the stars is very important in understanding the cosmological or stages develop [Music] yeah so basically what I did was I read about combat and like another realm that mattered if any of you have seen the movie Stargate and think a lot of you would know that the device and Stargate is probably a real device that’s probably used for travel and I should have mentioned travel so I have my theories of why these things exist and why I think it’s real that what’s being presented in fiction so a lot of what I’ve written here is a lot of work in progress I think people get tunne tired of being on earthen and it sells a lot to do with The Selfish Gene oh and what I mentioned in my last video I didn’t mention it Sigmund Freud and the analysis of the ego that was about race the group right the ideal ego Dada they were trips and idealism which had to do philosophy that had to do I’ve skipped through a couple pages of his book it’s pretty interesting actually if you read it take time to take a look at it so basically you can kind of read it from there the humans non-human and others who are beyond most not Sully insulting potential I do talk about other planets other worlds thewhat shinnok has mentioned from world combat for while I think traveling to the Citadel for mass effect is real a lot of these places a lot of these designs that these games are too detailed they’re too rich in imagination for them to simply not not just but to simply be for me so PlayStation is a lot to do video game consoles [Music] then it’s velocity with this I thought I would share this work speculative essay there’s intellectual essay this particular topic is discussed sorry why this topic and it tends to get a little fussy there but I thought I would discuss this topic because it’s such an important topic then I see that this information would be seen as fictitious would had seen as fictitious that it becomes problematic social inequities found in society we’re trying to resolve school issues and it’s had his clothes off from us it’s to hide public corporations and glamor and other things issues there and I still talking about gas a big philosophy based major price is being should be talking about parallel realities collapse a society of force sociological use previous interviews Oh your ponzi or throw out world at the realm all these places I mean all these books I took your books that I have up here mean are down here too like there’s no way that this stuff is completely fictitious I do have a lot of problem with a lot of the entertainment that is supposedly quote unquote that’s the coffee that I have there and the Xbox of course the game controllers at the Xbox one accident PlayStation and there’s a lot of problems with a lot of these games that have come to you if I can traveling the universe meant abandoning our world for newer worlds how far off are we from this change of world of incident but that’s typo when I will travel the Stars and reach for new places and our universe with friends then maybe it is time to study the videogames that explain how much how such addictions the world means to us in real life and there’s gonna be a game called outer worlds of the worlds that’s coming out very soon so it’s interesting to us and real life real such issues it’s like concern those who find things in videogames our far-off worlds is only a sign of escapism right and I think once you get out there that you’re gonna have to live like everybody else you’re gonna have to come up with logical and justified universe so for me it’s obvious that this needs research this needs more development but dimensions Petrus or planets for you support the idea of these earth these other realms of course Kombat X for Xbox one and PlayStation 4 video game consoles like that that’s Vanessa Xbox one ass this is an Xbox 1x video console you were talking about video game con this box for the Xbox you saw it certified it’s been too fast I really did get full heartedly at this topic sociological research topic so sava sociology netherworlds society the planets and how they have secret societies public societies that relate to know that we can leave it anytime we desire as long as we go through your procedures risk and it is risky I would think selfless to worry about others is that selfish I mean this is a different topic I mean there’s other topics besides that aunts besides autism topic [Music] electric properties exist anarchy [Music] static cosmological your phones have beat how we perceive information information technology so that’s what I thought would be interesting to you guys you think you guys who travel to the outer realm or another realm out world talk to the people there or if they’re there I can Stargate you know Phoenicians rah the god other groups of people you know human the military-industrial complex has to deal with so much politics that maybe it’s time to change that and sometimes sent by information information on purpose for our safety and at the same time for our safety [Music] we prepared that comes with it and I talked about the last slide see see that the people look appear a certain way to us but we are not prepared right individuals stronger distance elves intersecting create these events these people are not normal even beings [Music] its hybrids transgenic some other eugenic projects [Music] came back and apparently DJ food and the times you know differences what’s out worldcat ago said I believe that I came from gotta go different topic for another time but I felt like yeah I felt like there’s there’s things that make sense space travel time travel there’s things that do make sense extra mental travel to see different worlds of different groups of people different cult different cultures abroad across the universe I’ve always had this passion to want to travel the universe I think I’ve always wanted to explore the universe go to other planets and do other things besides focus on you know the human gene you know our ourselves because we’re a very selfish race and you know I don’t know that’s selfish to go out I think [Music] change our attitude [Music] then we have about ourselves that route the universe so I think that about wraps up like space travel star Trak star wars anybody you know yeah that’s cool but like really like I want to see what other people are doing interesting so I think they’ll do for this video I think you guys understand how I feel when I think in the sociological research so thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this video [Music]

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