I joined my very first lesbian relationship about four months ago

I joined my very first lesbian relationship about four months ago

Dear Dr. Frankie,

We joined my very very first lesbian relationship about four months ago. We worry a great deal about my gf and I also enjoy on a regular basis We spend with her…but recently I’ve noticed some brand new feelings. I’d like some suggestions about just how to get a handle on and get away from them, them being dangerous to our relationship because I foresee.

Girls could be naturally insecure and jealous, and I’ve noticed I’ve started feeling threatened than I am because I consider my girlfriend to be much more attractive. (in the same manner that other girls could be jealous of a-listers or girls they consider more attractive/smart/funny than on their own, i will be observing these emotions towards personal girlfriend.)

It’s bizarre because even with friends etc, We don’t generally have these sentiments. Therefore in a way that is weird i do believe it may want to do with all the undeniable fact that she actually is the most crucial woman in my opinion. We don’t want my emotions to jeopardize our relationship but I’m perhaps perhaps perhaps not sure dealing with them. We don’t want to state them into the incorrect method and portray them as envy because she has done absolutely nothing wrong towards her. We don’t want to confuse all of them with possessiveness or come into an aspect that is dangerous of relationship. We don’t want to harm her.

Do any tips are had by you?

Just just What a truly wonderful and insightful concern. Above all you ought to keep in mind that she’s choosing become to you because she finds you appealing. No few is similarly appealing or similarly any such thing for example, because attraction is subjective. In several associated with the happiest and longest relationships that are lasting you can find significant discrepancies in age, observed quantities of attractiveness, introversion and extroversion, earnings levels, etc… My point is the fact that real attractiveness is simply among the many factors in a relationship. (more…)

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