The Company

Consolidated Printing (Pvt) Limited is a commercial printing establishment with close to 40 years of success consistently serving major businesses Sri Lanka for decades, today looking towards achieving greater successes in the future within the printing and packaging industry with renewed enthusiasm, innovation and determination.

At Consol our focus is on our customers. We understand that ensuring that our customers cartons are printed meeting the highest standards in terms of quality and consistency serves our interest and that maintaining timely delivery of our product guarantees that our clients meets and exceeds there commitments as well.

Our People

Consol is considered within the Industry as the Gold Standard in meeting these performance criteria’s. This is only possible due its dedicated staff and its efficient business practices.

We boast an average tenure of 20 plus years within our executive cadre and above. It is a testament not only to the wealth of experience and knowledge Consol possess but to the staff’s dedication to the company. We pride ourselves in functioning as one family and take a personal approach to our staff wellbeing and growth. This results in our staff investing there time and effort to safeguard our Company’s reputation and success.

Consol is run by a dynamic and experienced team of managers who are best in class in the industry led by Mr.M. H. Mahin, and operates with a mix of youthful and experienced, self-motivated team coming from vibrant and varying backgrounds.