Consolidated Printing (Pvt) Limited commenced operations in 1979 as a sole proprietorship, consolidated enterprises. Located in the suburbs of Colombo since inception, it is primarily an indirect exporter given that its core business is the printing and supply of the inner tea cartons for the some of the largest and most reputed teas exporters of Sri Lanka.

Managed by a team of skilled professionals, who average well over a decade in service within the Company, we ensure the trust and loyalty built within our staff is amplified by the longstanding relationships we have maintained with our clients. Having acquired a reputation for reliability as well as consistency in the quality of the end products, our “Can Do” attitude has helped in ensuring continuity in the relationships with many of the market leaders in the tea exporting fraternity.

With the conversion of the company to a limited liability company and fresh foreign investment made into the company, consolidated printing will be striving to reach new heights. The company proposes to embark on this new phase in its evolution with a loyal staff cadre and a customer base that has withstood the test of time.